Born in Beirut, Lebanon in 1992, Natalie Husni was destined for a life of excitement . She was raised is Jedda, KSA until she was 10 years old to  then make her way back to Beirut. Due to its central location in the Middle East, her new home was a gateway through which she was fortunate to see more of the world. Natalie’s travels inspired her passion for fashion, which motivated her academic and professional choices throughout her life. With a financial degree in hand from the American University of Beirut (AUB), and an enriching experience working for the famous Lebanese designer Elie Saab, Natalie was well prepared to pursue her Master’s Degree at Marangoni Fashion Institute in Milan.  As she learned from some masterminds of the fashion industry, Natalie began developing a vision for a luxury brand, and Sleepwalker was born.



Susana Fajardo was born in 1990 in Quindio, Colombia. Daughter of an interior designer and a renowned Colombian architect, Susana grew up in an environment that forged her love and passion for creation and design and encouraged her to pursue a career in fashion. She moved to Italy at the age of 18 to follow her dreams, never letting go of her strong and deeply rooted colourful and tropical colombian culture. She studied fashion and textile design at the IED (Istituto Europeo de Design) in Milan and worked as a womenswear designer at UltraChic, to then continue her studies at the Marangoni Fashion Institute in Milan where she got her master’s degree in Fashion and Luxury Brand Management. She worked in the marketing and communication department at Borbonese then Rosamosario, until she co-founded Sleepwalker